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JBL Creature III

JBL Creature III speakers are available in shops

The Creature III are the new version of a kit at 2.1 audio PC look very special.
The JBL Creature III are enclosures for PCs that rely mainly on their looks from elsewhere, while providing a suitable power of 25 watts RMS.
The Harman International includes many specialist manufacturers of hi -fi as Infinity, Becker, JBL and Harman Kardon. Known for its iPod speaker system (Duet 200 and On Time 200D), the latter manufacturer today announced the Creature III.
If the information is fairly minimal at the moment , the look of this kit 2.1 is quite special. The subwoofer also called Magnum probably a connotation of power, and the two satellites in the form, to say the least original dome resting on four legs.JBL-Creature-III
The advertised power is 25 watts for the whole kit : 5 watts RMS per satellite and 15 watts for the subwoofer. Nothing to clink glasses in the cupboard, but how effectively sound to your games , movies and MP3 . Gadget , the Creature III fly through small hover buttons. For those who would wonder then what distinguishes this third generation of speakers, JBL would be after the power (24 watts on the Creature II) and the frequency range that is here from 50 Hz to 20 kHz for better sound reproduction.
The JBL Creature III are already available at 99 euros.

Positive points (pros)

* The original design

Negative points (cons)

* Nothing

Technical specifications

Number of speakers
wireless rear satellites
Remote Control Center

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